In 2016, LIBER will work towards the goals outlined in our Strategic Directions via a series of activities.

Our most important aims for 2016 include:

Begin Developing the LIBER Strategy 2018-23

LIBER members were asked to share opinions on our strategy at our Annual Conference in Helsinki, and further chances to feedback will be provided later in the year.

Continue Our Advocacy Work 

We’re focusing in on activities related to copyright reform (eg. text and data mining).

Maintain A Strong Presence at Activities Related to the Dutch Presidency of the European Union

LIBER co-organised four World Cafés at the prestigious Dutch Presidency Open Science Conference in Amsterdam, and led the organisation of the PASTEUR4OA Final Conference, an officially associated event of the Dutch Presidency.

Launch an Open Access Working Group

This Working Group will focus on implementing Open Access, including transition of subscription based models and increase of content in repositories.

Follow Developments Regarding the Establishment of an Open Science Policy Platform by the European Commission

The EC will form several working groups related to Open Science including, among others, the European Open Science Cloud.

“2016 is a year filled with possibilities and challenges for LIBER and our member libraries.” -Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, LIBER President