The Working Group on Research and Education is collecting examples, ‘lessons learned’ and good practices in education support.

Among other things, the Working Group will investigate different areas of education support, digital information skills and the relationship between education and research.

It will look at new emerging areas such as Open Course Ware and MOOCS, and the role of the research library in these developments.

Organizational issues, processes, collaboration, tools will all be examined, as will strategies for bringing these to the work environment of teaching faculty and students, and necessary expertise.

This will lead to the creation of a guide and toolkit.

Another aim of the Working Group is to improve the research support in European libraries. It will use various tools (such as surveys) to actively search for the most up-to-date practices, by which libraries can aid scholars in the uncertain future with ever-fluctuating research trends. The Working Group will aim to make these best practices into a shared community resource. It will also try to find ways to support open and socially responsible science.

Working Group Members
  • Ms Ulla Nygrén, Turku University Library, Finland, Chair
  • Christopher Skelton-Foord, Head of Policy and Planning, Durham University Library and Heritage Collections, United Kingdom
  • Margareta Hemmed, Library Director, Gothenburg University Library, Sweden
  • Susanne Dalsgaard Krag, Libaray Manager, Aarhus University Library, Denmark
  • Clara Riera Quintero, Director, Library Research Support Services at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain
  • Kristina Pai, Director of Collection Development, University of Tartu Library, Estonia
  • Dunja Legat, Assistant Director, University of Maribor Library, Slovenia