Lead in Changing Scholarship

This Working Group falls under the umbrella of the Reshaping The Research Library Committee, and is part of Strategic Priority #2: Lead in Changing Scholarship.

Working Group Aims

This group will build a knowledge network within European libraries with an interest in digital humanities. The main activities of this network are to identify and to share the library services for supporting digital humanities, and to establish key prerequisites in order to enable libraries and librarians for the related tasks.

Using a subject-oriented approach, the Working Group will establish three or four teams working on various aspects of the knowledge network. The points we address in the LIBER strategy plan, and on which we wish to focus during the next two years, are:

  • Enhancement of skills in the field of digital humanities for librarians;
  • Cooperation and relationship between libraries and research communities;
  • Roles of libraries in digital humanities and awareness raising in academic libraries;
  • Recommendations for identifying and establishing policies and profiles regarding digital humanities’ portfolios.
Workplan & Deliverables

The working group plans to deliver the following materials and resources:

  • Mailing List – to share best and worst practices in the form of short reports and blog posts from members. This list is open for everyone interested in DH and libraries. Sign up here: http://list.ecompass.nl/listserv/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=LIBER-WG-DH&A=1;
  • FAQs for librarians with regards to Digital Scholarship and Tip Sheets of easy online tutorials where librarians can educate themselves on relevant topics. All input will be collected in a Zotero group: https://www.zotero.org/groups/liber_digital_humanities_working_group;
  • Report about the state of Digital Scholarship in European research libraries;
  • Two workshops around experiences with Digital Scholarship in libraries;
  • Social media presence;
  • COST Action Proposal (resources and time permitting).
Working Group Structure

To coordinate and to oversee these activities efficiently, working group members are split into Core Members and Team Members. The Core Members coordinate the activities of the working group and consist of the:

  • Two chairs;
  • DARIAH liaison;
  • Representatives of the subject teams;
  • LIBER office representative.

Team members are members of the working group who contribute and belong to one of the subject teams. Each subject team nominates one colleague as a chair, who becomes a core member of the group. The team chair can also be chair of the working group. Members can join any, or all, teams they are interested in.

We would very much like to welcome many colleagues to the working group and hope to accommodate them through this structure.

Relationship to European Research Infrastructures

There is a very active digital humanities community throughout Europe.

Researchers work together across borders and find each other in European research infrastructures such as DARIAH and CLARIN. This is therefore the natural place to liaise with the scientific community and to ensure libraries are the ideal research partner within their domain.

To facilitate the best communication, a corresponding working group will be set up within DARIAH. The groups will be linked together by allowing members to join multiple groups to represent either the library or research community. Where possible, we will set up joint activities where the two communities can find each other and we will work together on the dissemination of output from either group.

The focus of the DARIAH WG is slightly different and will also be linked to their Data Reuse Strategy, which is also an important theme on the agenda of European research libraries and is found in the LIBER Strategy draft for 2018-2022. This again is a point where the two WGs can cooperate and where the input from libraries can be very valuable for the scholarly community around DARIAH. For more information about this working group, please contact DARIAH: dariah-cio@dariah.eu.

Working Group Members