The Emerging Leaders programme is a global process.

Therefore, the candidate will commit to attend both sessions, Patras 2017 and Lille 2018, and to go for professional training between the two sessions. Acceptance for the Patras seminar means that the candidate is accepted for the Lille session as well, and is committed to attend and pay for the second seminar as well.

How to apply?

The candidate must fill in the application form and return it by email in due time (by February 5th 2017). The candidate must send with her/his completed application the following essential documentation:

  • A Curriculum Vitae, not exceeding 2 pages;
  • A covering letter indicating the motivation to take part in the programme, not exceeding 2 pages.
  • All the documents must be in English.

Financial Aspects

Payment for the first session of the seminar must be received by LIBER by May 31st 2017.
The fee for the Patras session is €700, including a welcome dinner on Sunday 2nd July (compulsory), coffee breaks, lunches, materials and courses.

The candidates will have to meet their own costs for travel and accommodation for the four steps of the seminar.


All successful candidates will be expected to have:

  • At least three years’ experience in a middle management level post in a LIBER member research library;
  • Working knowledge of spoken and written English;
  • Evidence of motivation to move to a senior management post within the next three years;
  • Evidence of strong commitment to professional advancement;
  • Recommendation from Director of employing library;
  • Evidence of willingness and ability to undertake a short placement in a library in another LIBER library in a different country.

It is strongly recommended that the candidates clearly stress these elements in their CV and covering letter. No extra document will be taken into account by the LIBER assessment board.

What happens if I am selected?

LIBER will inform you and your Director that you have been selected. Then, you will receive an invoice. You will receive further information later, by email (practical information, full programme, first contact information, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire, …).


  • Deadline to apply : February 5th 2017;
  • Acceptance or rejection of application : February 28th 2017;
  • LIBER will send an invoice soon afterwards;
  • Payment to be received by LIBER by May 31st 2017.


Please contact John Tuck, Chair of the LIBER Leadership and Workforce Working Group with any questions about the 2017 LIBER Leadership Programme.