Many graduates of the Leadership Programme have spoken positively about their experience.

“Une occasion incroyable de se poser les bonnes questions sur le rôle de leader. Des échanges stimulants, et la conscience que la tâche est lourde mais passionnante” – Emilie Barthet, 2015

“Most useful leadership programme I have attended.” – Wouter Gerritsma, 2015

“It was a truly inspiring and rewarding experience thanks to our course leaders, speakers and own colleagues.” – Christine Wise, 2015

“You’ll establish an outstanding network of professionals who are there to help and support you.” – Heli Kokkinen, 2015

“Knowing yourself better helps you a lot become a better leader.” –Peter Verbist, 2015


Please contact John Tuck, Chair of the LIBER Leadership and Workforce Working Group with any questions about the 2017 LIBER Leadership Programme.