Shape Innovative Research

The Advocacy & Communications Steering Committee is in charge of Strategic Priority #3: Shape Innovative Research

Why This Priority?

It is clear that research libraries are well positioned to be advocates for the research community on important topics related to innovative research. These include Open Science, Open Access, open data, copyright, Text and Data Mining (TDM) and infrastructure.

Research libraries need to be empowered to represent their community and researchers’ interests, with and towards insitutional leadership. Evidence gathering for policy creation, strengthening internal and international networks, sharing of best practices, and strong representation at EU level are all required to ensure that LIBER libraries are well placed to make the case for the policies and infrastructure required by each individual library and the researchers which it serves.

LIBER's Role
  • Develop and promote positions on topics relevant to libraries supporting innovative research: Open Access, Open Science, Research Data Management, Copyright, TDM;
  • Provide LIBER libraries with the tools to engage stakeholders on these issues.
Specific Goals

Increase uptake of TDM in LIBER institutions


Action #1: Advocate for policies and practices to support TDM.

  • Deliverable #1: Factsheet on TDM (September 2016). Indicator: European Copyright exception proposal for TDM.
  • Deliverable #2: European Parliament event (September 2016). Indicator: European Copyright exception proposal for TDM .

Action #2: Increase awareness of TDM through the FutureTDM project.

  • Deliverable #1: Stakeholder Knowledge Cafés (June 2016). Indicator: Knowledge Café at LIBER 2016 Annual Conference.
  • Deliverable #2: Report on policy recommendations for TDM (September 2017). Indicator: Stakeholder workshop on recommendations.

Implementing Open Access


Action #1: Establish Open Access Working Group.

  • Deliverable #1: Webinar on Open Access implementation (June 2017). Indicator: Number of participants.
  • Deliverable #2: Key messages on Open Access (December 2016). Indicator: Number of downloads from LIBER website.

Shaping EU copyright reform


Action #1: Advocate for copyright reform to support cross border research.

  • Deliverable #1: Workshop on Exceptions at LIBER 2016 Annual Conference (June 2016). Indicator: Number of participants.
  • Deliverable #2: EU copyright engagement strategy (March 2017). Indicator: Number of meetings with MEPs.