Alexandra Goudis

Financial and Administrative Officer, University of Patras - Library and Information Center

Alexandra Goudis works at the Library and Information Center, University of Patras, Greece, at Administration Unit and is engaged in research on Citizen Science at the CEOS_SE Erasmus+ project.

She holds a Master’s degree in Financial and Business Economics from the University of Essex and is a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Patras, focusing on Regional Economics and Clustering.

While Citizen Science is a high priority on the EU policy agenda, Greece is in an early stage of developing citizen science activities. University of Patras Library and Information Center, as part of the Open Science movement and a partner of the CEOS_SE Erasmus+ project, focuses on developing a link between society and science as a key facilitator, by creating a Citizen Science hub and assistive infrastructures, such as a data repository to support efficient research, and on raising awareness to citizens on scientific matters. In addition, a further aim is to create a network of research and public libraries that will can collectively develop citizen science support services.