Amanda Wittwer

Senior Advisor, Roskilde University Library, Royal Danish Library

Amanda Wittwer works with Open Science, Research Support, and the management of the Citizen Science Program at Roskilde University Library. She is active in LIBER´s Citizen Science Working Group.

Amanda holds a bachelor degree in Information Science & Cultural Communication and a Librarian degree from the University of Copenhagen. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Management from Roskilde University.

As part of the Open Science agendas at Roskilde University and Roskilde University Library, Citizen Science is a strategic priority creating a conducive environment for challenging traditional boundaries between research institution and citizens, and for working with cultural and organizational change. The library is an appropriate and beneficial platform to facilitate, implement and drive this progression, due the library´s knowledge-mediating identity as well as supportive and neutral position. Managing this program is exciting and I find it very meaningful to contribute to the cultivation and advancement of science, society and democracy.