Barbara Stratton

International Spokesperson, Libraries & Archives Copyright Alliance, UK (LACA)

Barbara brings substantial experience in copyright policymaking and advocacy for access to knowledge through libraries and archives to government, legislators and copyright stakeholders.

She serves as Expert Adviser to both LIBER’s Copyright and Legal Matters Working Group and IFLA’s Copyright and other Legal Matters Advisory Committee (IFLA-CLM). During ten years representing library organisations at WIPO meetings, she supported the campaigns to end the global ‘book famine’ affecting visually impaired people culminating in the Marrakesh VIP Treaty 2013 and to establish a cross-border international copyright exceptions framework for libraries, archives, museums, education, and research.

A member of LACA, the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance, she played a significant rôle in bringing about groundbreaking revisions to UK copyright laws in 2014 that inspired similar changes to EU and other countries’ laws. She was LACA’s Vice-Chair 2014-20 and currently serves as LACA’s international spokesperson. Also Chair of EBLIDA’s Expert Group on Information Law 2015-19, she collaborated closely with IFLA, LIBER, Europeana, and SPARC Europe to secure the best possible outcomes in the Digital Single Market Directive and EU Marrakesh legislation.

Barbara holds a Postgraduate Diploma in UK, EU and US Copyright Law from Kings College London.