Dávid Molnár

Librarian, Publishing And Research Support Department, University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre

Dávid holds both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s Degrees in History and works as a librarian at the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre since 2015. He coordinates the Citizen Science Project Group of the library, with the aim of mapping and supporting scientific projects related to the University of Pécs and those affecting the community.

The project’s priority is to provide services that can increase the direct social impact of the knowledge and results generated at the University, to involve and develop an active community based on dialogue, cooperation with society and feedback from the academic life of the university. The vision is to create and maintain a network that fosters increased public participation in scientific activities not just at a local level, but serve as a model for other libraries in Hungary as well.

Even though there could be many definitions for Citizen Science which could enable the plurality of approaches, research areas, and modes of participation, in his view Citizen Science in its core is about generating interaction and dialogue between citizens and researchers, thereby reducing the distance between them in order to encourage a debate based on knowledge and facts, a stronger focus on scientific and social values.