Elizabeth Joss-Bethlehem

Communication Consultant

Elizabeth Joss-Bethlehem is Communication Consultant at LIBER. In her role, she aims for high-quality, impactful communication to engage LIBER’s network of research libraries.

She has extensive experience in both online marketing and communication, as well as education and training. Before joining LIBER, Elizabeth worked as a lecturer in the International Public Management Department at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for five years.

She has a South African and Swiss background and holds degrees from Stellenbosch University (MA degree in English Studies, BA Honours in English Studies and Teaching, BA in Socio-Informatics), as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Further Education and Training (PGCE) and the Dutch Higher Education and Training Qualification (BKE).

Elizabeth is particularly curious about the fields of online communication, marketing, and public relations within the public sector and is happy to be able to deepen her knowledge of this within her role.

Elizabeth Bethlehem