Stéphanie Groudiev

Director of the Humathèque Condorcet (France)

After beginning her professional career as a schoolteacher, Stéphanie started her career in libraries in 2001. At the Bibliothèque nationale de France, she was head of the Bureau of training and tools for cataloguers, then head of the exchange service. In 2008, she joined the Ministry of Higher Education and Research as deputy director of the office of documentary coordination. She has been in charge of the Digital Scientific Library (BSN) and coordinator of the ISTEX project. She then directed the INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) library. Since 2015, Stéphanie has been in charge of the construction and constitution of the new library of the Condorcet project and works as this libraries director. The Humathèque Condorcet opened in 2022.

Involved in the recruitment and training of library and archive managers, she has worked extensively on digital issues, on the evolution of scientific and technical information professions and uses, on the construction of libraries and on the implementation of public policies.