As part of our work to connect and represent research libraries in Europe, we initiate and participate in strategic and innovative European projects.

We are currently partners in the following European projects:

Current Projects

TDM and the reading revolution

You will not catch Steven Claeyssens carrying a smartphone and he will always prefer a paper book to an e-reader. Yet he is the curator of digital collections at the National Library of the Netherlands. I interviewed him about his job, text and data mining (TDM) in the humanities and the role of libraries in the research landscape.

Text and data mining in history

Joris van Eijnatten is professor of cultural history at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He has a fascination for numbers that not many historians have. Last year he was the research fellow for digital humanities at the National Library of The Netherlands, where he applied text and data mining to study the image people have of Europe based on newspapers. I interviewed him about text and data mining in humanities, his work and his personal romance with numbers.


Final meeting of AARC project on federated access

The 5th AARC face-to-face meeting took place on the 20th-22nd of March 2017 in Athens, Greece. The meeting marked the end of the AARC project and the beginning of a new era: the AARC2 project. AARC2 will build on AARC’s outcomes and achievements. Basic pillars of the AARC Project The AARC project had one main…