As part of our work to connect and represent research libraries in Europe, we initiate and participate in strategic and innovative European projects.

We are currently partners in the following European projects:

Current Projects

This is what Europe can do to Stimulate Text and Data Mining

Text and data mining – using algorithms to analyse content in ways that would be impossible for humans – is shaping up to be a vital research tool of the 21st century. But Europe lags behind other parts of the world in adopting these new technologies. The FutureTDM project has just concluded its’ two-year EC-funded research…


Supporting the Practical Adoption of Open Science

The Challenge Open science and its importance are gaining more and more attention. A large part of the conversation however, still focuses on the level of awareness and encouragement. How can we help researchers go from awareness to actual implementation of open science in their own discipline? The Project The FOSTER Plus project builds on…