LIBER Partners

LIBER works closely with a number of library, higher-education and research organisations in Europe and globally.

We have signed Memoranda of Understanding with the following organisations:


ADBUAs of 2021, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ADBU (Association des directeurs et personnels de direction des bibliothèques universitaires et de la documentation). This will enable us to work together on future projects within the library and research fields. Read the full memorandum.

We colleblida_105256aborate with EBLIDA on areas of common interest such as IPR, mass digitisation initiatives, promoting Open Access activities, and organising joint workshops e.g. digitisation workshop series and other events. (read the full memorandum).



LIBER and ECSA collaborate on the development, promotion, and facilitation of citizen science-related support services at research libraries within Europe. The signed MoU formalises the collaboration of both parties on various professional development events as well as on an EU-centred guide for librarians based on the US version titled, “The Library and Community Guide to Citizen Science, which is aimed at public libraries. Read the memorandum

ifla-logoLIBER and IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, share objectives in promoting access to knowledge for education, learning, and research. Significant areas of common interest in the fields of copyright frameworks supporting the mission of libraries and the extension of library and research activities into the digital environment, in Europe and worldwide (read the full memorandum).

We cooperate with SciStarter to develop, promote, and facilitate citizen science-related support services at research libraries in Europe and North America (read the memorandum of agreement here).

sparc_logoWe cooperate with SPARC Europe on developments related to Open Access (read the full memorandum).

LIBER also has excellent relationships and has collaborated with many more key players in the library and wider research community.

LIBER is open to new partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission to enable world-class research. Interested in becoming a LIBER Partner? Get in touch at