LIBER Partners

LIBER works closely with a number of library and higher-education organisations in and around Europe.

We have signed Memoranda of Understanding with the following organisations.


downloadWe cooperate with the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) to jointly promote the goals of Europe’s national and academic libraries (read the full memorandum).

CERL+Logo2013+darkblue+CMYK+300dpiSince 2006, we have worked with the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) to encourage joint activities and to build a close cooperation in the field of early books and manuscripts in Europe and at encouraging joint activities (read the full memorandum).

CLARIN ERIC is a research infrastructure that was initiated from the vision that all digital language resources and tools, from Europe and beyond, are accessible through a single sign-on online environment for the support of researchers in the humanities and social sciences. It shares objectives with LIBER through its desire to promote the use of digital collections and digital techniques (read the full memorandum).

coar-logoLIBER and the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) share objectives to promote Open Access repositories and to develop international cooperation for repositories and their infrastructure (read the full memorandum).

We collaborate with DARIAH-EU to promote the use of digital collections and digital techniques in particular in Humanities research. Both LIBER and DARIAH-EU recognize that there is a need to enhance competencies, knowledge exchange and skills for the use and management of Humanities research data, ICT methods and technologies, including scientific information infrastructure such as DARIAH-EU (read the full memorandum).

We colleblida_105256aborate with EBLIDA on areas of common interest such as IPR, mass digitisation initiatives, promoting Open Access activities, and organising joint workshops e.g. digitisation workshop series and other events. (read the full memorandum).



eiflteal_boxLIBER and EIFL share objectives in promoting access to knowledge for education, learning and research. Special interest areas for both organisations are in the fields of enhancing access to digital collections in higher education, open access, Research Data Management and copyright. (read the full memorandum).

LIBER believes that its collaboration with EUDAT will help achieve our aim of creating an information infrastructure that enables research in LIBER institutions to be world class (read the full memorandum).


ifla-logoLIBER and IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, share objectives in promoting access to knowledge for education, learning, and research. Significant areas of common interest in the fields of copyright frameworks supporting the mission of libraries and the extension of library and research activities into the digital environment, in Europe and worldwide (read the full memorandum).


sparc_logoWe cooperate with SPARC Europe on developments related to Open Access (read the full memorandum).


LIBER also has excellent relationships with many more key players in the library community.


  • DRIVER. Our cooperation with DRIVER aimed to improve the provision, visibility and application of European research outputs through digital repositories. The DRIVER project is no longer active (read the full memorandum).
  • e-Depot. LIBER and e-Depot agreed in 2007 to investigate ways of partnership that would secure the long-term digital preservation of the research outputs within LIBER libraries (read the full memorandum).