LIBER Working Groups


LIBER’s Working Groups address important areas of work for the research library community. Participation is open to all staff in LIBER institutions.

  • Join an Existing Group: Email the LIBER office with a short note explaining your interest. You can also contact the head of the Working Group directly (contact details are given on each group’s page).
  • Suggest a New Group: Is there a specific issue or topic that you would like to see addressed? Please see this page. Information about starting and running a group can also be found in our Toolkit for Working Group Chairs.

The topics of the Working Groups relate directly to our 2023-2027 Strategy, and each group has clearly set objectives to be achieved in one or two years.

Start a Working Group

Working Groups are an excellent way to explore and develop topics of importance to research libraries, and proposals for new groups can be suggested by anyone working for a LIBER Institutional or Organisational Participant.

  • Working Group proposals must be backed by a Steering Committee Chair and approved by the Executive Board.
  • A proposal should give a clear picture of a group’s goals, including its mission, expected outcomes, scope and budget.
  • Whether or not a proposal is approved will depend on how it fits with LIBER’s strategic priorities, as well as the overall capacity of LIBER to support new Working Groups.

The Board considers Working Group proposals at its meetings in February, June and October.

More about launching a Working Group