Our Services


LIBER prides itself on a range of services for research libraries. Our services have been derived from the suggestions and requests of over 200 library directors and staff across Europe.

We are pleased to say that we have been able to fulfil these suggestions, successfully meeting and responding to the needs and requirements of our Participants.

“Through LIBER, the library view is represented at relevant political developments. This is something we cannot do as a single university library.” — LIBER Participant

As a Participant you can benefit from the following services:


Permanent Advocacy

LIBER has earned a reputation for effective advocacy. We have won meaningful improvements to copyright law and developed relationships with key decision-makers. Our goal is to ensure that the priorities of research libraries rank highly on the agendas of universities and the European Union.

Our advocacy work is led by members of the LIBER Copyright Working Group. Moreover, we are in the process of further expanding our influence in Brussels and responding to European Commission proposals. This is being materialised in the form of the Knowledge Rights 21 project (a joint effort with IFLA and SPARC Europe funded by Arcadia). The project focuses on bringing about changes in legislation and practice across Europe that will strengthen the right of all to knowledge.


Frequent Webinars

We run frequent webinars with engaging speakers to deepen the understanding of a range of topics and learn about relevant best practices and resources.

Moreover, LIBER’s research libraries have a say in the kinds of webinars they want to see us host and can put forward their ideas for running their own, as a way of sharing their own successes and insights with the entire community — and under the LIBER umbrella.


LIBER Events

In addition to the many webinars and training sessions we provide, LIBER runs three key events for our research library community underlined below:


1. LIBER Annual Conference

The LIBER Annual Conference is a highlight for those working at research libraries across Europe. As of 2021, the conference has been running for 50 years. Participants receive a discounted rate when registering. 

2. Winter Event

Each year we bring LIBER Working Groups together for the Winter Event (previously known as the LIBER Mid-Term Event) — a day of discussion, networking, and opportunities to learn and network beyond our Annual Conference.

3. Architecture Seminar

You can advance your knowledge of library building projects and trends at the biennial LIBER Architecture Seminar hosted by the LIBER Architecture Working Group (LAG).


Leadership Programmes

Many LIBER libraries have already benefited from our leadership programmes (hosted by the LIBER Leadership Programmes Working Group) for current and future directors. The LIBER Journées is for Library Directors and the Emerging Leaders Programme is for the next generation of senior library leaders. This last programme includes internship and mentoring projects, as well as an alumni network.


Voting Rights

As a LIBER Participant, you can vote on key issues or be nominated to serve on the Executive Board. Voting takes place at the Meeting of Participants held annually at our Annual Conference (note that voting is for Participants in the institutional and organisational categories only).


Join a Working Group

Participants can broaden their network and share knowledge by joining one of our active Working Groups, derived from the pillars of the LIBER Strategy. Each Working Group has a set of objectives including possible publications, presentations, and events.


Join the Conference Programme Committee

As a Participant, there is the possibility to join LIBER’s Conference Programme Committee (CPC). This committee is responsible for planning the theme and programme of our Annual Conference.


Library Involvement in European Projects

As part of our work to connect and represent research libraries in Europe, we initiate and participate in strategic and innovative projects. In fact, we have participated in projects together with 60 LIBER libraries. Take a look at our current or past projects.

We know that many more libraries want to work with us on projects. That’s why we have surveyed our Participants to create a projects database, detailing their skills and project ambitions. The information captured in the database is used to identify and invite Participants to become official project partners when we apply for projects. The database also helps us spot additional project opportunities, based on the profiles of our libraries. This has led to a better understanding of how we can successfully support and work together with our Participants.


Detailed Europe-Wide Studies

We produce in-depth reports to provide more data, insights, and intelligence on how the research library landscape is evolving. These reports take a pan-European view and cover relevant topics in considerable detail. Examples of such reports include The Impact of Covid-19 on Research Libraries Across Europe (for which we received the input of 298 individuals from research libraries across the continent).


Monthly and Quarterly Mailers

LIBER’s monthly LIBER Insider mailer reaches over 3,000 individuals and includes a regular section summarising notable events and news for European research libraries. The Quarterly Mailer goes out to all of our Participants,  containing official documents, updates on the activities of LIBER’s Executive Board and Steering Committees, important news and upcoming events.


Access to Resources in the Field

Participants benefit from LIBER’s extensive online resources — reports, case studies, guidelines, posters, etc. The LIBER Blog regularly published event reports and expert summaries of current developments in the library field from our Working Group members, project partners and the wider LIBER community.


Publication Opportunities

You can submit your research and best practices to LIBER Quarterly, LIBER’s very own Open Access journal.


Think. Check.Submit

Think.Check.Submit is an initiative that offers guidance for libraries and researchers looking to publish in open access journals, and helps identify trusted publishers. As one of the campaign’s supporters, LIBER encourages its members to use the website’s useful checklists before publishing, and read through its resources. Watch how simple it is to protect yourself from predatory publishers, with think, check and submit!


Input on the Future of LIBER

We have defined, created, and are in the process of implementing a strategic plan for 2023 – 2027, with the support of our Participants — staff, and institutional leaders. As a Participant, you can have your say in upcoming strategies and at events on the topic of the LIBER Strategy.


For any questions regarding our services, please contact us via email: liber@libereurope.org. You can also read more about joining LIBER as a Participant or download our Services Brochure




[Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash]