In 2017, LIBER will work towards the goals outlined in our Strategic Directions via a series of activities.

Our most important aims for 2017 include:

Finalise the Roadmap for the LIBER Strategy 2018-22

The draft Strategic Framework was distributed to LIBER institutions in November 2016. Now the LIBER Strategy Task Force has begun work on a Roadmap of activities. This Roadmap will be presented at the LIBER 2017 Conference in Patras. Participants will be asked to validate and prioritise activities.

Make the Case for a Copyright Exception for Text and Data Mining

We will work with the European Parliament towards European copyright reforms that support research and innovation. In January, we joined other leading research groups to call for further modifications to EU copyright reform proposals.

Reinforce Leadership in European Research Libraries

The second iteration of the LIBER Sciences Po Leadership Journées takes place in Paris in May. It brings together LIBER Directors who are looking ahead at delivering strategic change as libraries and institutions redefine themselves in an ever changing information and social environment. A new iteration of our two-year Emerging Leaders programme, designed to shape the next generation of Europe’s library leaders, will kick off at LIBER 2017 in July.

Launch a Digital Humanities Working Group

To facilitate existing activities and to encourage interested libraries to engage with this growing group of scholars, LIBER has set up a Digital Humanities Working Group.

To Lead Engagement with the European Open Science Cloud

The EOSC Pilot begins work in 2017 on defining the rules of engagement for the cloud and launching community pilots. LIBER will lead the engagement activities. Read about the EOSC Pilot kick-off meeting.

“The vision of our new strategy for 2018-2022 is Research Libraries Powering Sustainable Knowledge in the Digital Age. In 2017, we will work with LIBER libraries to develop the implementation plan for the strategy, focusing on topics such as open science, open access, research data management and skills development.” -Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, LIBER President