Welcome to the August 2019 LIBER Mailing

Posted: 29-08-2019 Topics: LIBER Quarterly Mailing Office News

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Annual Meeting of Participants, Dublin 2019

  1. Minutes of the LIBER Annual Meeting of Participants (held in Trinity College Dublin, on Thursday 27 June 2019)
  2. Annual Report (presented to the Annual Meeting of Participants and approved on Thursday 27 June 2019)

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Upcoming Webinars

  1. Innovating The Ways Metrics Are Applied, Responsible Metrics & Measuring Openness, 10 September 2019, 1400 CEST

Working Group Updates

  1. Copyright: Librarians, Your Profession Needs You to Advocate for Libraries & Research! and Request to Tell Us If You Have Been Blocked from Text & Data Mining
  2. Digital Humanities & Digital Cultural Heritage: New Members Wanted and LIBER-wide Survey on Digital Humanities
  3. Digital Skills: LIBER 2019 Workshop Report and Case Studies on European Skilling & Training Initiatives
  4. Innovative Metrics: Achievements So Far & Upcoming Work
  5. Linked Open Data: Survey on Library Linked Open Data Publication
  6. Open Access: Monographs in Europe’s Research Libraries: Best-Practices, Opportunities & Challenges and Request for Libraries to Share Plan S Successes & Challenges
  7. Research Data Management: FAIRness of Repositories & Their Data

Annual Conference 2020

  1. LIBER Annual Conference 2020, Belgrade: Preliminary Details

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John MacColl