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Our international Emerging Leaders development programme is a high-level seminar for the next generation of senior leaders in European research libraries.

The fifth edition of this programme will begin in 2019, at LIBER’s Annual Conference in Dublin. Already, it has been successfully completed by 80 library professionals.

It is not only the graduates who benefit from this programme. Research libraries are subject to constant change and transformation. Staff in these libraries therefore need to be well-equipped to deal with whatever new challenges are on their way whether digital, financial or societal.

Application deadline: 15 February 2019
Please contact Hilde Van Kiel, Director KU Leuven Libraries and Chair of LIBER’s Leadership Programmes Working Group.

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The 2019/2020 Seminar programme has four main components:

  • A first 2-1/2 day seminar in Dublin, Ireland (23-25 June 2019), hosted by Trinity College Dublin, with courses;
  • A year for mentorship, including a professional training placement at the mentor’s library (one week);
  • Action Learning during the year between the two courses. Delegates will ‘meet’ the members of their action-learning sets regularly by conference call;
  • A second seminar in Belgrade (June/July 2020, dates to be confirmed), with courses and shared experience.

During the whole process, each delegate will also be assigned a mentor from a LIBER member library, providing a high-value and customized experience.


The programme costs €1,500, with €750 due before the first seminar in Dublin. LIBER does not charge VAT. Candidates are responsible for their own travel costs.

Focus Areas

  • Self-awareness; personal authenticity with a strong sense of values and identity.
  • Strategy; with a strong sense of purpose and direction.
  • Leading others; by inspiring and sustaining a high-performing team.
  • Getting the best from others; by developing the individual performance of colleagues.
  • Your future; through self-development, professional development and work/life balance.


In advance of the first course, delegates are expected to complete a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire and there will be some required reading. During the course, each delegate will complete an i-SWOT as a means to reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the challenges of the opportunities and threats likely to be presented in their current or next role. We will also play the Johari’s window ‘game’ of disclosure and feedback: what can you tell about yourself and what can others tell about yourself?

The approach will be sensitive to individual needs and conducted in a non-threatening way. It will be fun rather than uncomfortable!