Who is the event for?

We invite all LIBER Participants and Project Partners to join us at the Winter Event. The event will bring together up to 150 attendees.

How Can I Register?

Registration is now closed. If you would still like to attend the Winter Event, please feel free to ask the LIBER Office about being added to the waiting list. You can reach us here.

Theme & Topics

The LIBER Winter Event will be a space for us to connect and gain new inspiration for a range of topics within our field. It serves as a stimulating forum for the presentation and discussion of work undertaken by LIBER Working Groups.

Work that is carried out through the International Projects, studies and initiatives in which LIBER is involved as a partner will also be showcased.

The theme of the 2022 LIBER Winter Event is Building on collaboration for the future.

Read here the opening and closing address of the Winter Event 2022 by LIBER President, Julien Roche.

Don’t miss a lovely free visit to the Rijksmuseum library!


Sign up for the event and enjoy an inspiring session of the Research Services Department of the world-renowned Rijksmuseum. Within the Rijksmuseum high-level scientific research is carried out (see here). This is supported by the Research Services department. During this session your will visit the museum’s impressive, nineteenth-century Cuypers Library, the largest and oldest art historical library in the Netherlands. Saskia Scheltjens, head of Research Services and known among other things for her ideas on FAIR GLAM, will give a presentation on her department’s services. In addition, Alex van Alsemgeest, Rijksmuseum curator of library collections, will show works from the rich museum collection.


Topics of Interest

  • Open Access
  • Copyright & Legal Matters
  • Training & skills development
  • Library Architecture
  • Citizen Science
  • Digital Humanities & Access to Digital Heritage
  • Linked Open Data
  • Leadership
  • Research Data Management
  • Data Science
  • Federated Access for Libraries


  • Wednesday 30 November 2022

    19:00 Pre-registration drinks (optional)

    Location: Bar Wildschut

    Address: Roelof Hartplein 1-3
    1071 TR  Amsterdam

  • Thursday 1 December 2022

    8:30 – 9:00 Registration

    Location: NU building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Address: De Boelelaan 1111,  1081 HV Amsterdam

    9:00 – 9:15 Welcome by

    Hilde van Wijngaarden, Director University Library, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Julien Roche, LIBER President

    Marcel Nollen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    9:15 – 10:00 Keynote Speech by Jason PriemCo-founder at OurResearch 

    3-E vision: Ethics, efficiency, endurance, and the future of research collaboration

    Chaired by Joeri Both, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    10:00 – 10:30 Coffee Break 

    10:30 – 12:30 Parallel Sessions – Lightning talk & Workshops 

    How the Open Research Europe Publishing Model Promotes Community

    Organisers: Project partners from the Open Research Europe (ORE) Project 

    Speaker: Georgina Durowoju

    In this workshop, the speaker will give an overview of all the recent developments on ORE and how they contribute towards creating and supporting relationships with and within research communities. Will also be discussed their ongoing projects in this area, all with the aim of promoting the research they publish and encouraging public discourse.

    Understanding federated authentication to library e-resources

    Organiser: FIM4L Working Group

    Speakers: Jos Westerbeke (onsite) and Jiri Pavlik (online)

    In this workshop the speakers will be showing the process of SSO login, learning privacy issues and getting an idea of maintaining it.

    Data management skills and training development for libraries 

    Organiser: LIBER Research Data Management Working Group

    Speakers: Mari Elisa Kuusniemi and Liisi Lembinen

    This workshop will show the mapping of skills and qualifications that library staff would need for successful data management, and a training development will follow.

    Prototyping a collaborative and sustainable training hub for supporting LIBER Member skills development in digital scholarship, digital cultural heritage and data science

    Organisers: Digital Scholarship and Digital Cultural Heritage (DSDCH) Working Group

    Speakers: Nora McGregor and Caleb Derven

    In this workshop, participants will engage in a collaborative prototype development exercise, learning about how to consider the benefits and risks of the design of an online resource. Participants will be able to understand and critically assess the current landscape of skills training in digital collections and data for cultural heritage.


    12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break 

    13:30 – 15:30 Parallel Sessions – Workshops 

    Hands-on Citizen Science

    Organisers: Citizen Science Working Group & Project partners from the CeOS_SE Project

    Speakers:  Tiberius Ignat and Alisa Martek

    This hands-on workshop is a collaborative learning activity about citizen science engagement. The workshop will have two folds:
    1) An interactive 2,5 hours workshop with 1 break to create an example of video promotional material (a 2-3 min. episode) for a library engaged in a citizen science project.
    2) Knowledge and practice exchange from the CeOS_SE project in which LIBER is a partner. 

    Investing in Open Peer Review

    Organisers: Project partners from the Open Research Europe (ORE) Project & LIBER

    Moderator: Giannis Tsakonas

    Speakers: Georgina Durowoju, Tony RossHellauer (online), and Sofie Wennström

    This workshop will present the development of the open review model behind the ORE platform and discuss the feedback received so far. ORE promises a rapid and transparent publishing process and the open review model is the backbone of delivering this service. The workshop will also highlight how early career researchers can benefit from the open peer review model and how the credit system works in recognizing and adding value to the work delivered by peer reviewers.

    Building great libraries: What makes a library building successful?

    Organiser: Architecture Working Group

    Speakers: Michael Moennich, Kira Stine Hansen, Joachim Spyns, Linda Vidlund

    The LIBER Architecture Group proposes a workshop on library buildings, library design, and how we judge the success of a library. This will be done with the help of the ‘Library buildings in Europe’ Database (https://www.librarybuildings.eu), allowing workshop participants to get hands-on information on library design and architecture.

    Meet & greet LIBER Quarterly

    Organiser: LIBER Quarterly Journal

    Speakers: Trudy Turner and Heli Kautonen

    In this workshop, managing Editor Trudy Turner and Chair of the Editorial Board Heli Kautonen invite delegates to discuss how Liber Quarterly can support and engage with LIBER Groups and the Conference Programme Committee.


    15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break 

    16:00 – 17:00 Looking back on five years: Research Libraries Powering Sustainable Knowledge in the Digital Age

    Speakers: Julien Roche, Astrid Verheusen, Andrej Vrcon, Dóra Gaálné Kalydy, Heli Kautonen, Liisi Lembinen, and Anja Smit

    This session will be a brief presentation of the current and the new strategy. The speakers will discuss the highlights of the strategy, as well as the goals and achievements of the Working Groups over the last five years.

    19:00 – 23:00 Conference dinner and party at Grand Café ‘De Basket’ on VU Campus Square. 

  • Friday 2 December 2022

     9:00 – 11:00 Parallel Sessions – Lightning talk & Workshops 

    Citizen-enhanced Open Science in Southeastern European Higher Education knowledge hubs

    Organiser: Project partners from the CeOS_SE Project

    Speakers: Alisa Martek, Adam Sofronijević, Giannis Tsakonas

    In this workshop will be presented already completed activities in the first year of the project and the future ones in the following two years of the project.

    Data Science in Libraries: Landscape Analysis & Survey II

    Organiser: Data Science in Libraries Working Group

    Speaker: Péter Király

    In this workshop, the Working Group wish to connect practitioners of data science in research libraries, in order to share experiences and ideas on the topic. The Working Group is also preparing a landscape analysis and survey with the aim of creating an overview of data science activities (and eventual recommendations) in research libraries.

    DIAMAS Project

    Organiser: Project partners from the DIAMAS project

    Speakers: Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer

    In this workshop, participants will first be briefly informed about the goals and scope of DIAMAS project and the important role of librarians. Then, they will have a first try at identifying IPSPs within their own institution.

    Organisational set-up of Open Science services and the competencies needed for these services

    Organiser: LIBER-ADBU study team

    Speaker: Maurits van der Graaf

    This workshop will be an introduction to the study and its first results. The aim of this study is to support an acceleration of the adoption process of two Open Science services – Open Access services and FAIR/Open Research Data management services – by research libraries throughout Europe.

    Discussing the leadership programmes with library directors

    Organiser: Leadership Programmes Working Group

    Speakers: Kira Stine Hansen, Pep Torn, Thomas Chaimbault and Gyöngyi Karácsony

    In this workshop, the speakers will discuss the leadership programmes with library directors. 


    11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break 

    11:30 – 13:00 Feed Forward Plenary hosted by Dr Hilde van Wijngaarden 

    13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break 

    14:00 – 16:00 LIBER working group meetings (optional) 

    14:00 – 16:00 Conference excursions (optional)

    • Visit the Rijksmuseum library 
    • Visit the Allard Pierson, the Special Collections Museum of the University of Amsterdam Library


    16:00 – 18:00 Closing ceremony – Entrance of the Vrije University Library 


VU Amsterdam logo

LIBER’s Winter Event 2022 will take place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

VU Amsterdam: A Unique and multidisciplinary university

VU Amsterdam is a unique university with faculties in the humanities, STEM, social sciences and medical sciences. The university combines its top position in research with a strong social orientation, which has resulted in an excellent international reputation. It is located in the heart of the Zuidas Knowledge District, sharing its excellent national and international position and accessibility.


NU building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1111
1081 HV Amsterdam

University Library VU
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Not sure how to get there? Get more details here.

UB VU foto Monique Kooijmans

UB VU foto Monique Kooijmans


Photos by Monique Kooijmans

Staying in Amsterdam?

The VU Library is located nearby the business district called ‘de Zuidas’, where you will find various suitable hotel chains such as Novotel, Van der Valk, Mercure, etc. If you’re looking for a little more Amsterdam life, you can try closer to the city centre, between the VU Library and the Museumplein. Public transportation in the city is quite extensive, so you will have plenty of options on how to get to the venue.

Public Transport in Amsterdam


Photo by Thais Cordeiro on Unsplash

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the event or the call for proposals, feel free to contact us via email: liber@libereurope.org.

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