CERL Annual Seminar: The Application of Text Encoding Facilities to Digital Versions of European Early Books

This year’s annual seminar will start with a general introduction about CERL and its services.

The remainder of the day will focus on OCR-ing and text encoding of early printed books, manuscripts, and archival documents. In a range of papers offered by the Impact Centre for Competence, the Institut Universitaire de France, the DHLAB Lausanne, the National Library of Norway, the Bayerische Staatsbiblithek in München, and the universities of Oxford and Groningen, we will hear about the Monk project, AGORA, RETRO, the Bibliothèque Humanistes Virtuelles, the Venice Time Machine, Google efforts in this field and the Text Creation Partnership.

Attendance is free. If you wish to attend please register with the CERL Secretariat at secretariat@cerl.org.

For further details see: http://www.cerl.org/services/seminars/main

The event is finished.

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