Lluís Anglada

Director of Open Science, Consortium of Services of the Universities of Catalonia (CSUC)

Lluís Anglada has a degree in librarianship and a degree in philosophy. He is Director of Open Science at the Consortium of Services of the Universities of Catalonia (CSUC).Formerly he was the library director of the Catalonia Technical University (1989-1998) and, before, professor in the School of Librarianship, University of Barcelona (1986-89).

Lluís has been active in different professional associations and committees at Catalan and Spanish level, such as the scientific committees of professional conferences, the Executive board of the Spanish Association of Academic Libraries (Rebiun) and the Catalan library association.

Lluís is a member of the Organizing Committee of the European meetings of the ICOLC. He has been a member of LIBER’s Executive Board, OCLC Global Council and Library Advisory Boards of several publishing firms. He writes a blog about cooperation and technology in libraries BDIG and coordinating another one that summarizes library technical reports Blok de Bid.