LIBER Journées is an exclusive leadership programme for Library Directors.

The Journées programme is a key initiative for LIBER, and is part of a broader leadership development programme for librarians. Highlights of the most recent edition of the programme (Sciences Po in Paris, 17-19 May 2017) can be seen in this video.

2017 Session Overview

Once again, the programme attracted eminent speakers from around the globe (Europe, North America and Asia) and 19 Library director participants from 14 different countries, including three from the USA and one from Canada.

The speakers were: Alain Beretz (Director General for Research and Innovation in France), Sarah Thomas (Vice President for the Harvard Library and the Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College),  Bruno Patino (Dean of the School of Journalism, Sciences Po, and Digital Services Director at France Télévision), Marc van den Berg (Deputy Director General of the National Library of the Netherlands), Wolfram Horstmann (Director of Gottingen State and University Library), Caroline Brazier (Chief Librarian at the British Library) and Peter Sidorko (University Librarian at the University of Hong Kong).

The strategic discussions  and debate were moderated by the Chair, Professor Norbert Lossau (Vice President at the University of Gottingen) who once again devoted three days to this event and led conversations around multi-faceted leadership through positioning, political awareness, knowing the University agenda, gathering the necessary intelligence, creating space for innovation and more. Norbert was supported by two facilitators, Elliott Shore (Executive Director, ARL) and Liisi Lembinen (Development Director,  University of Tartu Library, and graduate of the first LIBER Journées in 2015), by the collective team effort of the LIBER Leadership and Workforce Working Group and by Francois Cavalier and his team at Sciences Po.

One result of the LIBER Journées programme will be a report which can feed into the developing LIBER strategy for 2018-22, as well as filmed interviews with the chair, the speakers and members of the organizing team.

LIBER Journees 2017 directors, speakers, facilitators and organisers

The 2017 LIBER Journées directors, speakers, facilitators and organisers at Sciences Po (image by Clementine Baude, CC BY).


Please contact John Tuck, Chair of the LIBER Leadership and Workforce Working Group with questions about the LIBER Journées Leadership Programme.