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Najmeh Shaghaei

Najmeh Shaghaei

Head of Library - Campus Sønderborg University Library of Southern Denmark

Najmeh Shaghaei is part of the Leadership Programmes Working Group at LIBER. She has nearly 25 years of leadership development experience within the context of the university library: training, managing, giving career development counseling, and as executive and auditor of ISO Standard in different countries.

She currently works at the University Library of Southern Denmark as Head of Library – Campus Sønderborg, and as Internationalization project leader for the entire library at the university. In addition, Najmeh is an executive member of the Open Knowledge Maps organization in Austria and a member of the Peer Review Board of Turkish Librarianship Journal.

She holds a PhD in Business Management and has a background as a researcher in Change Management and Knowledge Management. Najmeh is currently working on a number of international projects and doing research related to Knowledge Management and Open Science.