LIBER 2020 Annual Conference Cancelled

Posted: 16-03-2020 Topics: Annual Conference

The coronavirus is having a severe impact on research libraries across Europe. Many LIBER libraries have already adjusted services or even closed entirely. LIBER is also affected.

As a result of the coronavirus, we are cancelling this year’s Annual Conference in Belgrade. The next in-person Annual Conference will be held in Belgrade in June 2021.

We recognise that this decision is disappointing, however it is not possible to go ahead with this year’s event given global health concerns and current travel restrictions. We hope that you understand, and will join us in Belgrade next year.

We are as sorry as we can be not to host the LIBER Annual Conference in Belgrade in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Cancelling the conference was the only proper decision. As librarians we share responsibilities, especially towards common good and shared prosperity. We look forward to welcoming the LIBER conference next year. We hope that we will all together enjoy our conference even more in Belgrade in 2021 after this tragedy that has affected everyone fades away.

Prof. Aleksandar Jerkov, Director, University of Belgrade

Going Online

We want to bring the content of LIBER 2020 online to the greatest extent possible. All speakers and presenters will shortly receive an email from us to discuss possible next steps. We are confident of finding new ways to engage and inspire our network, and will update you as soon as we know more details.

Beyond the conference, an overview of coronavirus-related impacts on our services is available on the LIBER website. We are working on adjusting and reinventing our affected services, so that LIBER continues to offer value to its members in these challenging times.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office:

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