21 Oct. 2020 – Discussion: Copyright and Open Licensing – What have we learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic? 21 Oct. 2020

Posted: 16-09-2020 Topics: Copyright & Legal Matters

21 October, 11AM CET. Online Discussion:

In March 2020,at the height of the global lockdown, UNESCO estimated that more than 1.5 billion students in 193 countries were affected by closures in schools and universities. Teaching and learning had to  move off-campus and online overnight.  With libraries suddenly closed in many countries, access to many physical books and journals became impossible.  Online access to digital content – whether digitised by lecturers from their personal collections at home, created anew or available from publishers, was the only means to continue education.

This discussion with speakers from Frontiers, the open access publisher, a research funder (TBC) and chairs of LIBER’s copyright and open access working groups, aims to focus on what we have learnt from the pandemic in terms of the need to facilitate online and open forms of knowledge sharing.

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