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Call for Participants – LIBER Citizen Science Working Group

Posted: 27-01-2021 Topics: Citizen Science

The LIBER Citizen Science Working Group is publishing a guide for research libraries and is seeking contributors.

Citizen Science is an emerging new field and offers many opportunities for LIBER libraries. For example, it is relevant for the upcoming Horizon Europe programme, it is a way to also build new and more engaged audiences, and it’s important for establishing new links between science and society.

As such, we are looking for individuals who want to contribute to a guide on the topic of citizen science aimed at research libraries (to be published this year). Participation can be in the form of co-editing a section, contributing an article or simply providing input on the overall guide or on specific parts.

The guide will be roughly one hundred pages in length and is designed to be a practical and compact gateway publication with the purpose of assisting research libraries when it comes to setting up a Citizen Science programme.

Moreover, it will address the unique context of research libraries when it comes to Citizen Science and aims to be the ‘go-to’ guide for the Open Science field by including new digital assets and tools that are of value, not only to libraries but to the general public as well.

As a starting point, the guide will include four main recommendations when it comes to Citizen Science in research libraries (as previously outlined in the LIBER Open Science Roadmap):

  1. Being active in the development of infrastructure for researchers to carry out Citizen Science practices;
  2. Managing bodies around knowledge libraries that can translate good (Open Science) scholarly practice into new Citizen Science fields;
  3. Develop guidelines for Citizen Science activities involving the library, and;
  4. Citizen Science skills development for staff, researchers, and the general public.

For more information about the content of this new publication and how you can contribute visit this link:  

We look forward to receiving your input towards this upcoming publication!

Thank you in advance and on behalf of the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group.



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