LibrarIN Project

Call for Stakeholder Panel Members – LibrarIN Project

Posted: 24-02-2023

Are you experienced in social innovation, value co-creation and the demand-driven design of library services? The LibrarIN project is looking for experts to join their stakeholder panel and help libraries develop new functions, services and engagement with the public.

What Is LibrarIN?

LibrarIN is a Horizon Europe project that provides new avenues for public value co-creation and a demand-driven design of public library services for European libraries. It will examine ways that libraries can develop new functions, apply new technologies, create novel services and engage with the public that they serve.

Stakeholder panel

LibrarIN invites experts to form a selective representation of libraries that offer public services. This includes national, municipal and community libraries as well as university libraries. The panel will be engaged in the co-production of ideas, approaches, and policy recommendations. By providing input and feedback about their own experiences of innovation and value co-creation, the panel will shape the LibrarIN project and provide a valuable contribution to its success.

Who can apply?

LibrarIN is looking for candidates with experience in innovation and dynamic value co-creation in libraries. Candidates should be motivated to use the outcomes, tools, and recommendations of the project in their own work at their libraries. The call is open to library representatives from the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Find more information on LibrarIN’s Stakeholder Representatives panel and its application procedure in the invitation. The deadline for applications is the 22nd March 2023.

The LibrarIN project is the result of a collaboration between ten partners from nine European countries and will last until October 2025. For more information, please refer to