DIAMAS Workshop – Understanding Institutional Publishing at our Winter Event

Posted: 16-12-2022 Topics: Diamond Open Access Projects

This workshop at our Winter Event (02/12/22) showcased one of the projects in which LIBER participates: DIAMAS.

The project is relatively new, having started in September 2022, and brings together 23 different organisations to help support institutional publishing service providers. Doing so aims to help the transition to Open Access, improve standards and knowledge of institutional publishing, diversify the publishing landscape, and support Diamond models.

The workshop was led by Utrecht University, who also participate in DIAMAS . The workshop introduced the audience to the project and sought feedback on how libraires can help identify and map institutional publishing activities within their universities.

For more details about this session, view a longer write up on the DIAMAS project website: https://diamasproject.eu/diamas-workshop-liber-winter-event/

The slides from this session are also available on Zenodo: https://zenodo.org/record/7447009#.Y5yNInbMI2w