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European Language Equality (ELE) Project Updates – June 2021

Posted: 10-06-2021 Topics: Language

Earlier this year we announced European Language Equality (ELE) as a new project for LIBER. The primary objective of which is to prepare the European Language Equality Programme, in the form of a strategic research, innovation and implementation agenda as well as a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030.

LIBER’s Role

LIBER participates in the ELE Project by identifying and mapping the landscape of the European Language Equality project in 2020/2021. We do this by assessing the views, needs and vision of European research libraries as far as achieving digital language equality by 2030 is concerned and by engaging our community on the topic.

We will further contribute to desk research and collecting feedback for developing a Strategic Agenda and Roadmap. LIBER is further involved in communication, dissemination, exploitation, sustainability and project management activities of the project.  

Completed Project Deliverables

In March 2021 the first project deliverable was completed – D1.1 Digital Language Equality (preliminary definition). This first deliverable sets out to define several important terms about the ELE project, namely:

What Does Digital Language Equality (DLE) Mean?

“Digital Language Equality (DLE) is the state of affairs in which all languages have the technological support and situational context necessary for them to continue to exist and to prosper as living languages in the digital age.”

What is the Digital Language Equality (DLE) Metric?

“The Digital Language Equality (DLE) Metric is a measure that reflects the digital readiness of a language and its contribution to the state of technology-enabled multilingualism, tracking its progress towards the goal of DLE. The DLE Metric is computed for each language on the basis of various factors, grouped into technological support (technological factors, e. g., the available language resources, tools and technologies) and a range of situational context factors (e. g., societal, economic, educational, industrial).”

ELE Project Timeline & Upcoming Deliverables

You can read more about this first deliverable here, see the full list of upcoming deliverables here, and view the project timeline below. 

Feel free to read more about the European Equality Project (ELE) in general here