Open Consultation on FAIR Data Action Plan

Posted: 13-07-2018 Topics: Europeana Open Science Cloud Strategy

LIBER invites community contribution to the Open Consultation on the FAIR Data Action Plan, launched on 11 June 2018 during the second EOSC Summit in Brussels.

The FAIR Data Action Plan was produced by the Horizon 2020 Commission Expert Group on Turning FAIR Data into Reality (E03464) with the aim to provide recommendations, indicators and input on the financing of activities required to turn FAIR data into reality at the EU, Member State and international level.

The open consultation platform is hosted on Github and allows contributors to comment on the recommendations and issues. It was launched at the same time as another open consultation on the EOSC Rules of Participation (see more information on this consultation). Both consultations close on 5 August, 2018.

LIBER plays a significant role in the area of FAIR Data Management.

In April 2018, LIBER’s Research Data Management Working Group hosted a successful webinar on Turning FAIR Data Into Reality. A factsheet on FAIR data principles, their importance for research libraries and the role libraries play is another contribution by LIBER on the implementation of FAIR data principles. Recommendations on research libraries’ role on FAIR data are provided in the LIBER Open Science Roadmap launched in Lille in July 2018.

The LIBER RDM Working Group operates as part of the Strategic Direction on Research Infrastructure, which in turn is one of the pillars of LIBER’s 2018-2022 Strategy.

For more information on the Consultation and LIBER’s role in it, follow us on twitter: @LIBEReurope and @EOSCpilot.


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