Help Improve the Think.Check.Submit. Tool For Selecting Trusted Journals

Posted: 21-08-2018 Topics: Open Access

Are researchers at your institution publishing in trusted journals? Do they know how to check the quality of journals, and select the most appropriate one for publication?

Think. Check. Submit. offers guidance and a simple checklist to help researchers with these issues, and now they’re running a short survey.

The feedback received will help Think. Check. Submit. to improve their service, making it as useful as possible to researchers, librarians and others around the world.

As one of the organisations leading the Think. Check. Submit. initative, LIBER encourages its libraries to respond to the survey and to forward it to their users — especially to researchers and PhD students, the main target groups for Think. Check. Submit.

The survey is open until 28th September 2018 and should take about 10 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, with an option to share your email address if you would like to stay updated about developments with Think. Check. Submit. Questions can also be directed to Sofie Wennström, LIBER’s Think. Check. Submit. representative.

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