LIBER and ADBU release joint report and toolkit on Open Science Services within Research Libraries

Posted: 22-06-2023 Topics: ADBU

LIBER and ADBU (Association des directeurs et personnels de direction des bibliothèques universitaires et de la documentation) have released a joint report on FAIR Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Access (OA) support services within libraries. The report – entitled Open Science Services by Research Libraries: Organisational Perspectives – is the result of a study examining libraries with developed RDM and OA services, to understand the stages involved in their creation and the key competencies that are required. An accompanying Toolkit has also been created to encourage an acceleration of the adoption of RDM and OA services.

The study is part of an ongoing collaboration between LIBER and ADBU to improve Open Science services across Europe.

Aim of the Study

Many research libraries in Europe deliver Open Science services in the field of RDM and OA. However, it is estimated that up to half of European research libraries deliver only limited services in these domains. LIBER and ADBU conducted a study to understand the organisational structures and competences needed to create, and sustain, these services.

As part of the study, a Toolkit has been created to encourage an acceleration of the adoption of RDM and OA services in research libraries throughout Europe.

Where to find out more

The report is available to read Open Access on Zenodo. Or download the PDF version here.

You can also download the Toolkit that accompanies this report, here. Or access it via Zenodo.