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LIBER and ECS Academy Announce Citizen Science Masterclass for Library Executives

Posted: 17-11-2023 Topics: Citizen Science

The LIBER Citizen Science Working Group and the ECS Academy have announced a new Masterclass on Citizen Science for Library Executives. The Masterclass, which will be held in person in Paris from 7-8 May 2024, will invite 20 library leaders who wish to kick start Citizen Science at their institutions. Participants will learn the concepts of Citizen Science, how to connect with external and internal stakeholders, and employ change management to facilitate Citizen Science integration.

About the Executive Masterclass

When: 7.-8. May 2024

Where: The Learning Planet Institute (CRI), 8 bis Rue de Charles V, 75004, Paris.

Who: Library executives and mid-level managers

Organisers: Professor Muki Haklay (UCL and Learning Planet Institute – ECS Team Lead) and Anne Kathrine Overgaard and Thomas Kaarsted (SDU and LIBER Citizen Science Working Group)

Goals of the Executive Masterclass

The pilot masterclass aims at addressing the gap discovered in recent research into Citizen Science implementation at LIBER Libraries. The study found that despite many libraries reporting an understanding of the importance of Citizen Science and the availability of the skills needed, only a small percentage are practicing CS activities.

The masterclass aims to address this gap and enable library management to overcome the barriers to Citizen Science implementation.

The outcome for participants will be to identify the right course for their library, to help form an alliance of partners in Europe, and to begin the first steps to Citizen Science facilitation.

How to get involved

Participation will be open to Senior Managers aspiring to become Library Directors, with an endorsement from their Library Director. The Masterclass is free of charge. Participants will be required to pay for their own travel, accommodation and a networking dinner on the first night.

Maximum: 20 participants.

Deadline for registrations: March 1st 2024

For more information and to learn how to register, see the Event Page.

The ECS Academy is funded by the European Union 


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