LIBER Annual Conference Fund [CLOSED]

Posted: 19-01-2024 Topics: LIBER 2024 LIBER Conference

It’s time to announce LIBER’s Annual Conference Fund awards once again. Every year, the Fund gives out a number of bursaries, making it possible for library representatives from specific European countries to attend our annual event. 

The eligible countries have been agreed upon at LIBER’s Executive Board meeting last October. Twelve awards will be handed out. The decisions on applications to the Fund are made by the Secretary General.

Read more about the Annual Conference Fund, including the list of eligible countries.

How To Apply 

If you are a library representative from one of the eligible countries, and would like to apply, just send an email stating your interest in receiving the award. The deadline to submit your application is 1 March, 2024. 

We look forward to seeing you at the conference! 

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