LIBER Libraries: Urge Your MEPs to Support Libraries in the Copyright Vote

Posted: 10-09-2018 Topics: Copyright Strategy

The European Parliament will hold a critical vote on the draft copyright directive on Wednesday. It may be last time the details of the Directive are discussed in an open and transparent way. LIBER is therefore asking its libraries to contact their Members of the European Parliament and encourage them to vote in support of libraries.

We are asking you to do this by Tuesday evening so that MEPs receive your suggestions before Wednesday’s vote.

You are welcome to use the template letter below. Via the Save Your Internet website you can also find MEPs to contact within your region and access emailing tools, however you would need to delete the pre-prepared text about Article 13 and replace it with the letter below (including a changed subject line).

If you need specific voting recommentations, or a list of MEPs and their email addresses, please contact LIBER.

URGENT: Supporting Libraries in Wednesday’s Copyright Vote

Dear Mr/Ms [NAME],

Libraries in [YOUR COUNTRY] are working hard every day to support teachers and learners, researchers and innovators, readers and creators. To achieve this mission, they rely on copyright laws that allow them to preserve and give access to knowledge, especially in the digital age.

In the vote on the draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market next Wednesday, we are therefore asking you to use your power to support libraries, and the communities they serve. While the debate has focused on different commercial interests, it is essential that such important public services are not forgotten.

We ask you to support the voting recommendations, as outlined in the recent voting recommendations letter from LIBER, the European University Association, COAR, EBLIDA, eIFL,  IFLA and SPARC Europe. If you need a copy of these recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact LIBER (

Kind regards, 


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