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LIBER Project Knowledge Rights 21 Launches Position Paper on Secondary Publishing Rights

Posted: 14-10-2022 Topics: Secondary Publishing Rights #ZeroEmbargo

Secondary Publishing Rights Position Paper

One of LIBER’s projects, Knowledge Rights 21, just launched their position paper on Secondary Publishing Rights. The statement strongly supports LIBER’s Zero Embargo campaign and Secondary Publishing Rights Model Law. 

KR21 calls on Europe’s national governments and the European Union to introduce Secondary Publishing laws enabling immediate access to publicly funded research, in article or book chapter form. Secondary Publishing Rights should also cover the right of the author, funder or educational establishment who employs the researcher to give access to the work when it arises from public funds.  

Seven European countries have already implemented Secondary Publishing Rights, although none mandate immediate access. Knowledge Rights 21 and LIBER however, believe Secondary Publishing Rights, with a zero-embargo period, should become a standard part of the legislative research framework across Europe.  

Read the full article and download KR21’s position paper on Secondary Publishing Rights here.