LIBER Signs International Statement of Solidarity 

Posted: 19-11-2021 Topics: Copyright

LIBER has, as of the 18th of November 2021, expressed its support of the principles as outlined in the International Statement of Solidarity, an initiative of Library Futures. 

According to the Statement, “[…] today libraries are being challenged: as [they] transition from physical media to digital, the rights of libraries to provide digital access to information and preserve materials for the future is under attack.”  

 Moreover, the statement believes that: 

  • Copyright must be updated for the digital age and exceptions and limitations must be made for libraries to best serve the public; 
  • Controlled Digital Lending and other innovative lending practices should be legally protected; 
  • Digital first sale, the principle of exhaustion in intellectual property law, and ownership of digital objects is the only way to ensure full access to information by libraries and cultural institutions; 
  • Libraries should be able to purchase and lend all eresources at reasonable prices; 
  • Licensing has created a pervasive market failure that must be investigated by regulators and governments to ensure that the public has access to relevant, timely, published information to support education, research, and economic growth; 
  • Libraries have a responsibility to advocate for policies that will affect their communities; 
  • We must achieve ideal, universal access to knowledge for all patrons regardless of socioeconomic status, identity, or ability. 

Astrid Verheusen, Executive Director at LIBER had the following to say upon signing the statement, “LIBER wholeheartedly believes in the principles outlined in the International Statement of Solidarity. As Europe’s voice of the research library community, we strongly believe that the rights of libraries need to be upheld and working together on the topic of copyright can help libraries tackle unfair licensing, in turn helping them refashion their futures in a more sustainable manner.” 


View the Statement of Solidarity