LIBER Strategy 2023-2027

Posted: 01-12-2022 Topics: Strategy 2023-2027 Strategy

The LIBER Strategy 2023-2027 is now available on our website! We have been working on our strategy for over a year and have been looking forward to sharing it with a wider audience. Starting 1 January 2023, the new Strategy will be guiding us for the coming 5 years, inspiring activities and initiatives to drive research libraries forward. We see radical changes happening in the research landscape and the Strategy will help us focus on those developments where we will add the most value. 

The Strategy has been developed in consultation with international partner organisations and has been discussed with a wide range of LIBER libraries. Using our vision of where research libraries should be by 2027, we have developed five interconnected components on how to get there. 

  • Making Research Libraries as Engaged and Trusted Hubs 
  • Research Libraries as Providers of State-of-the-art Services 
  • Research Libraries as Leaders for Advancing Open Science 
  • Upskilling the Library Workforce 
  • Upholding Rights and Values 


Steering Committees, each with appointed Working Groups have been chosen for each of the first four components. As the fifth component, Upholding Rights and Values is intertwined with our values of Collaboration, Inclusivity and Integrity, a different approach will be taken to ensure a successful and sustainable implementation. 


Take a look at the LIBER Strategy 2023-2027!