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LIBER Takes the Lead in Secondary Publishing Rights Work Package for the Knowledge Rights 21 Programme

Posted: 08-11-2022 Topics: Secondary Publishing Rights #ZeroEmbargo

The Knowledge Rights 21 Programme works to provide research and insights and that will create positive change in copyright policy making. One of its work packages consists of looking at Secondary Publishing Rights, and paving the way toward immediate republication of publicly funded research on open access repositories, regardless of publisher contracts. LIBER will carry out research on current national legislation and good practices for Secondary Publishing Rights across Europe.


LIBER has long been involved with the topic, having initiated a model law for the use of publicly funded scholarly publications, followed by its Zero Embargo campaign. Continuing its involvement with KR21’s Secondary Publishing Rights work package, LIBER will provide relevant research to form a solid narrative for KR21 to undertake copyright interventions. With new insight on legislation at national and European level, this research will:

  • Identify successful use cases and how to get there,
  • Demonstrate the impact of these cases, and
  • Provide insight in current obstacles and how to overcome them, in countries where legislation is lagging.

LIBER is further committed to supporting this team by framing their work with the Association’s Executive Director Astrid Verheusen and the current LIBER Vice President, Dr. Giannis Tsakonas, as advisors.

Dr. Giannis Tsakonas: “Open Access to scientific information is critical for European research and innovation. The inequalities of the current scholarly communication system could be mitigated by bold and progressive law-making that enables researchers to record and publish their work on institutional or other community-driven infrastructures.”

LIBER is looking forward to creating impact with this new research, and to support KR21 in its work to push forward changes in copyright legislation.


For further reading, please go to Knowledge Rights 21.


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