Live’s 2013-2014 Leadership Seminar Experience

Posted: 09-12-2016 Topics: Leadership

“The major value is creating a european network”

Live RASMUSSEN Head of Science Library, University of Oslo

I built myself a european network with the other participants, and through the mentorship experience.

The exercises were very concrete.

The Leadership Seminar is a process where you confront your feelings, have to reveal yourself, trust in each other. It’s a strong feeling. You are spending so many days together!

Being out of your country makes you very alert.

I had my mentorship at the Imperial College of London with Robert HALL, Library Services Dept. The Imperial College Library was a good choice. The University has a comparable size with the University of Oslo, more or less the same culture, but they have a different way of centralizing their services and specializing their staff. In Oslo, we have a more general approach.

After my mentorship I made some small but concrete changes in Oslo, for example in the workflow. It was not huge, but efficient.

It’s very intense. The course lasts for 4 or 5 days – this is too good to be true, but at the same time it is exhausting…but good !