New Factsheet & Infographic on Libraries’ Role for Research Data

Posted: 15-11-2015

Research data management in libraries is a moving target and, at the same time, an area where libraries can step into a new leadership role.

Libraries are engaging at institutional, national and international levels to promote new roles for libraries in research data (e.g. the Research Data Alliance and via several European projects).

With a new factsheet and infographic, LIBER’s Steering Committee on Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures would like to assist you in making the case for your library’s role in research data management. Key messages for your institutional discussion may include:

    1. Securing the future use of research data.
    2. Learn more about disciplinary practices and needs.
    3. A permanent home for research data.
    4. Implementation requires new service roles.
    5. Continue exploring requirements and synergies.
    6. Curate and think of future needs.

The factsheet and the infographic can both be freely downloaded.