New Open Science Discussion Series

Posted: 02-09-2020 Topics: Open Science

LIBER continues to work hard to support any efforts towards making Open Science the undisputed paradigm for using and publishing scientific knowledge across communities and across Europe.

Starting in a few weeks, a webinar and a discussion series will begin, precisely to maintain a healthy momentum towards this endeavor. A joint project of OCLC and LIBER, the Open Science Discussion Series is constructed as such:

  1. An introductory webinar by LIBER providing an overview of the LIBER Open Science Roadmap.
  2. Seven highly interactive small group discussions to collectively explore a bold vision and path forward for the future role of research libraries in each of the Roadmap focus areas.
  3. A concluding webinar by LIBER and OCLC providing an overview of the small group discussions.

We are very much looking forward to your participation. We invite you to register now and make sure you get your spot!