Open Research Europe: New Publishing Platform for H2020 Research

Posted: 23-07-2020 Topics: Open Access Open Research Europe

Introducing Open Research Europe: A new publishing platform launched by the European Commission. The platform will provide all Horizon 2020 beneficiaries and their collaborators with an easy, high-quality venue to publish Horizon 2020 funded research at no cost and in full compliance with the Commission’s open access policies.

The launch of the platform is planned for early 2021.

LIBER will ensure that research libraries and their users are extensively consulted during the building of the platform. We’re inviting stakeholders from across our network to share their needs and opinions in the process, as our goal is to create a service which is valued and considered a vital part of the research ecosystem. We will be introducing the platform to research libraries and other stakeholders via training sessions and other means, and regularly sharing project updates with the community.

Open Research Europe supports the European Commission’s vision to drive innovation and economic growth by removing barriers to scientific discovery, facilitating progress towards securing Europe’s global competitiveness in innovation, and ultimately benefiting health and wellbeing across the globe.

The platform is supported by F1000 for publishing and technology services.

The platform welcomes submissions from all disciplines, during and after the end of Horizon 2020 grants.  In order to enable H2020 beneficiaries to decide what to publish, while ensuring high quality, the platform will use a model of immediate publication followed by transparent, invited and open peer review and inclusion of all supporting data. This will allow reanalysis, replication attempts and data reuse – bringing benefits to researchers, institutions and society more broadly. For more information about how to support this initiative and get involved, please register your interest via the platform’s webpage.