OpenAIRE, LIBER and COAR make recommendations for EC Open Data Pilot

Posted: 04-07-2013 Topics: LIBER COAR Open Aire

The European Commission is developing an Open Data Pilot. This pilot will look at research data generated in projects funded under the Horizon 2020 framework, with the aim of stimulating the data-sharing culture among researchers and facilitating both the re-use of information and data-driven science.

As organisations with a strong interest in Open Data, OpenAIRE, LIBER and COAR have assessed the current situation and made recommendations for an effective Open Data Pilot.

Since the proposed pilot aims to facilitate research data registration, discovery, access and re-use, in particular in the context of Horizon 2020 funded projects across European countries, we feel it should:

  • Raise awareness among researchers about the need for and the benefits of managing and sharing research data;
  • Encourage libraries, data centres, publishers and other relevant stakeholders to start working with researchers throughout the data life cycle;
  • Identify what is required amongst all stakeholders (researchers, libraries, IT departments) in terms of expertise, knowledge and skills;
  • Continue to support the creation and interoperability of reliable e-infrastructures;
  • Mobilise research libraries to support scientific communities with research data management planning;
  • Provide the Commission with the necessary evidence to make a rational decision about the next steps necessary to foster research data sharing.

The statement below gives our full recommendations to the Commission for an Open Data Pilot.