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ReCreating Europe Supports World Intellectual Property (IP) Day 2021

Posted: 10-05-2021 Topics: Copyright

Today more than ever, digital technologies are revolutionising our everyday life, the ways in which we express our creativity, access culture, information, and knowledge. Digital technologies carry the potential to enable unprecedented democratisation of our cultural practices related to both the production and consumption of music, literature, news, movies and so many other intellectual and artistic works.

Copyright law plays a fundamental role in turning this potential into reality. The discipline boasts an enduring European history, having traditionally interacted with the offline world for over three centuries. The entry into the scene of digital technologies represents a disruption that cannot be ignored. On the contrary, it needs to be taken seriously, as it represents a unique opportunity to modernize the European copyright legal framework.

ReCreating Europe is working in this direction. By bringing researchers, institutions, copyright experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders together, the project investigates what is needed to support the emergence of a new effective system of sustainable norms for digital copyright.

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