Short impression of the 2nd LIBER Digital Preservation Workshop in Florence, 7-8 May (by Paul Ayris)

Posted: 11-05-2012 Topics: Strategy

With Jeanette Frey (Switzerland), I attended the 2nd LIBER Digital Preservation Workshop in Florence, 7-8 May. We had 80 attenders and good audience participation. A great success for LIBER, who are seen to be leading discussions in Europe in this space.

Day 1
Liz Lyon has challenged LIBER to lead a pan-European Working Grouping Group to look at issue around Informatics and research infrastructures for research data. Something to consider in our new strategy. Maurizio Lunghi from the Fondazione Rinasciemento Digitale in Florence has asked LIBER to endorse academically (not financially) a Workshop they are organising in December in Florence on Europe’s cultural heritage. I have asked for a paper to come to the LIBER Board. Marcel Ras from the KB in The Netherlands announced the launch in 2014 of an International E-Depot service for European research libraries to buy into. Interesting parallels here with the recent DPN (Digital Preservation Network) announced by ARL in the USA. I will be telling Marcel what the DPN Business Model is.

Day 2
Great talk by Ivan Boserup (Royal Library, Denmark) about archiving e-mails and their attachments.
And a tribute to LIBER by ProQuest in LIBER’s leadership in Europe in supporting ProQuest’s Early European Books, with an Open Access Business Model.
And finally, pleas from the Dutch KB for LIBER to support a 3rd workshop in 2 years time. I can only agree!

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