Top 10 Presentations from LIBER 2017

Posted: 19-09-2017 Topics: LIBER 2017

Our 2017 Annual Conference in Patras, Greece was a great success, largely thanks to the informative and thoughtful presentations given by professionals from LIBER libraries across Europe and our broader global library community.

After the conference, we asked all delegates to share their opinions via a survey. Using the results of the survey, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most highly rated presentations from LIBER 2017. In total, 13 presentations are listed. The three presentations which share joint first place were each given a 100% approval score (the combined ‘good’ and ‘very good’ rating) by delegates.

1. Digital Humanities Clinics – Leading Dutch Librarians into DH. Lotte Wilms, National Library of the Netherlands. Michiel Cock, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Ben Companjen, Leiden University.

1. COUNTER Standards for Open Access: The Value of Measuring/the Measuring of Value. Joseph Greene, University College Dublin, Ireland.

1. Adoption and Integration of Persistent Identifiers in European Research Information Management. Rebecca Bryant and Annette Dortmund, OCLC

2. Text and Data Mining : Making the Most of a Copyright Exception. Julien Roche, University Lille 1. Rob Johnson, Research Consulting.

3.Applying Bourdieu’s Field Theory to MLS Curricula Development. Charlotte Nordahl Wien and Bertil Fabricius Dorch, The University Library of Southern Denmark.

4.  TIB AV-Portal: Semantic Content Mining with Semi-Automatic Metadata Editing. Felix Saurbier, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). Jörg Waitelonis, yovisto, Germany.

5. The Perks and Challenges of Drawing Maps and Walking at the Same Time – Lessons learned by Stockholm University Library Management. Birgitta Hellmark Lindgren and Wilhelm Widmark, Stockholm University Library.

6. From Open Access to Open Data: Collaborative Work in the University Libraries of Catalonia. Mireia Alcalá & Lluís Anglada (CSUC).

7. LibChain – Open, Verifiable and Anonymous Access Management. Juan Cabello, Peter Janacik, Gerrit Janßen, Tim Jungnickel and Alexander Mühle. TU Berlin, Germany.

8. The Role of Libraries in the Adoption of Research Data Management. Ingeborg Verheul, SURFsara. Jacquelijn Ringersma, Wageningen University & Research.

9. Growing a Culture for Change at The University of Manchester Library. Penny Hicks, The University of Manchester Library, United Kingdom

9. The GND initiative 2017-2021: Developing a Backbone for the Web of Cultural and Scientific Data. Jürgen Kett; Sarah Hartmann,
German National Library, Germany.

10. Knowledge Exchange Consensus: Monitoring of Open Access Publications and Cost Data. Dr Birgit Schmidt, 
Goettingen State and University Library. Michael Svendsen, Royal Danish Library. Christian H. Thomasen, Knowledge Exchange, Denmark.

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