Top 10 Presentations from LIBER 2016

Posted: 08-12-2016

After each LIBER Annual Conference, we ask delegates for feedback so that we can improve future events. In addition to sharing overall opinions about the conference, delegates rate the presentations which they attended. The 2016 survey results are now available, and the following presentations were selected as the 10 best by conference attendees.

As you peruse the list below, remember that the Call for Papers for our 2017 Annual Conference in Patras, Greece is now open.


1. From Industry to Academia – User-Centred Design Driving Library Service Innovation (Sue Mehrer and Andy Priestner, University of Cambridge Library, UK).



2. Data Management Support as Core Business of Research Libraries: Lessons Learned at Radboud University Library (Mijke Jetten, Maaike Messelink, Harrie Knippenberg and Tina Reilink, Radboud University, The Netherlands).



3. SMART Library (Lars Binau, DTU Library, Denmark).



4. DigiLab at the University of Manchester Library – Experiment, Play, Learn (Lorraine Beard and Ros Bell, University of Manchester Library, UK).



5. Data Mining Beyond Text: Visual Analysis of the Vogue Archive (Lindsay King, Yale University, USA).

(Presentation not available)

6. Data Management Support at Leiden University (Peter Verhaar, Laurents Sesink, Fieke Schoots and Floor Frederiks, Leiden University, The Netherlands).



7. What do Digital Humanists want from a National Library? (Steven Claeyssens and Martijn Kleppe, National Library of the Netherlands).



8. Knowing Your Customer- Shaping Library Strategy (Penny Hicks, University of Manchester Library, UK).



9. Service Design as Method – Library Services Developed from Users’ Needs (Eva Dahlbäck and Martin Wincent, Stockholm University Library, Sweden).



10. Cultural Heritage Materials in Digital Humanities Teaching – A Case of Data Literacy? (Maija Paavolainen, Helsinki University Library, Finland).


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