Digital Skills Working Group

Webinar Video & Audio: Skills and Training in Open Science and the EOSC ecosystem

Posted: 14-12-2018 Topics: Strategy

Interested in skills and training in Open Science and the EOSC ecosystem, as it relates to libraries and researchers?

On 14 December 2018, LIBER recorded a webinar in collaboration with the EOSCpilot project. The goal of the webinar was to connect LIBER’s community with the EOSCpilot project’s work on skills for stewardship in the EOSC context, through roundtable discussion with the LIBER working group on Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers.

We also looked at FAIR4S (a draft skills framework), discussed the role of libraries in building research skills in an open science and data science context, and the potential of the framework to help.

The webinar was recorded and can now be viewed on YouTube. An audio recording is on Soundcloud and the slides can be downloaded from Zenodo.

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